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Feature Requests
MateuszDrwal (110)

Feature Requests

Feature requests is a bot that helps you manage, well, feature requests, for your project through discord. It listens for specifically formatted feature request messages in a discord channel and records them to a database. Users can vote on these requests using the 👍️ or 👎️ emojis to show their support for a feature.


The bot incorporates a website as an easy to use front end for viewing and managing feature requests. There, you can log in using your existing discord account and do many things like viewing all requests, voting on other peoples requests, submitting requests through the website and even sharing requests through links (Just like this!). The website also incorporates all admin features discussed in more detail in the Admin Tools section.

Go check it out and explore all its features!. Don't be shy about messing with stuff, that's what the demo website is for.


An API is integrated into the website. Sending a GET request to /api/requests will return a JSON object with all requests. There are also various other POST endpoints for all the possible actions like voting, creating requests and sending developer responses just to name a few.

Admin tools

Along with the features above, admins can also react to messages with nothing, 🗓, ✅ or ❌ to mark requests Open, Planned, Implemented or Rejected respectively. In addition, reacting with ⛔️ removes the request from the database.

Admins can also create developer responses. These are made by beginning a discord message with the requests discord message id like so: 515631154368479234 This is an awesome developer response!

All of these functions also exist and can be used through the website using intuitive interfaces. Changing these settings along with adding developer responses is done via buttons in the Details popup, which look like this:


If you don't want to view the requests through the website or discord, the bot also records all of them to a spreadsheet.

Live demo

You can try this bot out including all of its user features and the admin features! A normal instance of the bot runs in #bot-usage where you can try submitting your own feature requests and vote on others. To submit requests, either press the button on the top left of the Demo Feature Requests website or post a message in #bot-usage using the following format:

**Title**: <title>
**Game mode**: <must be either mode1, mode2 or mode3>
**Description**: <description>

If you instead want to try using the admin features, a separate instance of the bot runs in #bot-usage-2. This instance gives everyone admin rights, so feel free to mess with it and do whatever you want! Its website can be found here.

Demo gif

do you just want to quickly check out how the bot works? take a look at the gif below! quick demo of submitting requests through discord and the website: (click to enlarge)


normal bot:
Code (repl)

everyone is admin bot:
Code (repl)

PS. If you are wondering if this bot is in use somewhere, yes, this is currently the primary player feature request system for the multiplayer vr game Echo VR. It was deployed early this year, and it is still going strong! It is currently at 412 user created feature requests for the game! if you are interested, you can check out a snapshot of the site here.

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