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21st Century Humor Generator
SpicedSpices (297)

This repl generates 21st century humor, which is basically a type of humor that is very random and unpredictable. You pick a length in seconds that you would like your video to be, and it will take a bit of time, but will generate a video.

What is 21st Century Humor

21st century humor is a type of humor that is very random and unpredictable, as it merges a bunch of clips and audio snippets to be funny. There are several videos on YouTube showcasing this type of humor.

How it Works

I used Shotstack for the video generating API, which is very easy to use to edit, clip, and mix videos and audio to create humor. My code will randomly choose from an array of clip patterns, that have the clip to play, and where to introduce audio snippets or sound effects. At each second where a sound effect would be used, the code will pick a random effect and input it at the specific time in the video.