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15-puzzle game

When you learn programming, there comes a time when you would like to add a graphical user interface to your programs. But it is not easy, especially for beginners, to choose among all the available frameworks.

The Atlas toolkit allows you to develop graphical interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript written for node.js (no front-end JavaScript). The goal is to provide a lightweight and handy toolkit to become familiar with the development of graphical interfaces, so that you can choose a library with confidence.

After clicking the run button, an URL will be displayed in the console. Open this URL in a web browser (simply click the URL, or copy/paste it, depending on the web browser you use).

The head.html is put in the head section of the HTML page of the application, and the main.html, in the body section. As you can see, there is no JavaScript in this pages. All the code is in the index.js file which is executed by node.js.