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how to add a scratch project (like leef) to repl
dudemqn (3)

Repl supports alot of langauges, but not scratch. SO how can i upload a scratch project to repl? Its actully quite simple. Forkphorus packager converts .sb3 to .html, and repl does support html. So add your project ID or import a file.

Then you can mess around with the settings. When your done, package it as Plain Html.

Then, you can upload it to your html website. If you want the repl to be only the game, make sure to rename "index.html" to something else, then rename the project.html "index.html"

ch1ck3n (2335)

scratch is not a language

also why not j ust embed

dudemqn (3)

@ch1ck3n scratch is, also embedding wouldnt be as affective, because this way would cover the whole page, and you can customize project settings

ch1ck3n (2335)


because this way would cover the whole page,

embed can cover the whole page

dudemqn (3)

@ch1ck3n yes but this way it covers the page automatically, but you could always use embedding if you want

dudemqn (3)

@ch1ck3n that always works too

QuickV (90)

More advanced projects are insanely laggy to open and take up over 10000 lines of code ;-;