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hey yall to day im going to show u how to start a python game
objectme12 (45)

i am going to show u how to make a shop in your game today and tomorrow i will continue this project for those in need of help

Kookiez (388)

well, i mean... there's no explanation, no nothing except for code. at least explain what the code does.

Kookiez (388)

@objectme12 I'm not trying to say your thing is bad, just explain a little.

objectme12 (45)

look its just a little something to show people how a shop would look like if they were to add something to there game [email protected]

olafisoye (0)

So you are just writing it let us play it.

RaiyanHasan (0)

How do we see the instructions

TsunamiOrSumth (556)

uh... so you made a post and your going to edit it tomorrow to have content when it will be off of new?