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Run Luvit in Replit 🌙
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Yeah, hi, I have seen that nobody has uploaded a tutorial on this, even if it is not very complicated, how to use Luvit in Replit...

First, install in your repl (use the shell) the Luvit unix script

curl -L | sh

Now, this import the 3 luvit binaries in root, we will put it in a .bin/ folder.

We will also give you some integration using the .replit file. Let's set the run button:

run="bin/luvit main.lua" # you can replace main.lua for your main file

...And that's it! we can use Luvit in Replit


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This is amazing! It really helped me make a lua discord bot without having to download anything!

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@Yaumama good good!