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The results of my survey

Results of the Survey

First things first:

Some people claimed that I was doing this just to get upvotes, and I’m not, I’m just genuinely interested in the psychology behind why people choose certain things over others. So don’t upvote this post please.

I asked for some people to fill out a survey a few days ago and here’s the results I got:

Whats the title of your most upvoted post

I wanted to know the answer to this question to see if all the titles had something in common. These results matched with my own results of scrolling through the highest upvoted posts on replit were interesting.
I figured out three things
1. Posts with CAPITAL letters for at least part of their title seem to get more upvotes
2. Posts with words inside of [] Square brackets also do well, especially ones with words like [UPDATED] or [GAME]
3. Posts with emojis in the title seem to get more upvotes
Anything thing I noticed, posts with very long titles don’t seem to catch as many people attention, the same goes for posts with short titles.

What type of posts do you most often upvote

These results where very surprising at all, with Games, and HTML/JS/CSS posts tying with 30.8% of people choosing them.
Nobody answered with python, and a few people even specifically said posts that were not python.
Other languages such as node.js, or anything not python or HTML/JS/CSS seemed more common answers.

Name the coder who you are most likely to upvote

I specifically asked this question because I wanted too see if the reputation of certain coders made more people interested in their work.
Coder100 and Fuzzyaustrocat tied with the highest scores, while DynamicSquid and Amasad were close behind.

Are you more likely to upvote someone who has lots of cycles

The peoples have spoken

Would you be more likely to upvote a post with images

Well a lot of people said maybe, and No and yes tied with the same percent, so I’m not really sure if having an image in your post attracts peoples attention or not.

Finally, with the last question: What kind of titles catch you attention

It seems that titles that look interesting and fresh, or have unusual characters or emojis in them tend to attract the most attention. Either that or a title that is pog or doesn’t look low effort and stupid.

And if anybodies interested here’s a repl with a csv of all the answers

@robowolf here’s the post


You spelled fuzzyastrocat wrong...also what happened to Bookie0, VulcanWM, CodingCactus, RYANTADIPARTHI, and SixBeeps?


Thanks for the ping.