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The Ultimate Basic Coding Guide to Java


So I see you've walked into this tutorial. Well today I will be showing you some of the basics.
The things I will be talking about:

  • Java : What You Need For Every Project
  • Java: Printing Words
  • Repl and It's Features

Java: What You Need For Every Project

You need a class. You can type in public class main but it doesn't really matter. Remember to put an open on the right curly bracket.

Next, is the most important, you have to type public static void main(String[] args) {. It is a void of static so there is no static. You have to put the curly bracket facing right again.

Printing Words.

Without the things on the stop it wouldn't work. But it only keeps things in order. To make it do something, you need some other code. Right know I'll just go aim at one. Printing words.
When you want to print a word, you want to type in System.out.println and then type in curly brackets. Inside, type in a parentheses. The oppisite sided parentheses should automatically appear. Inside, you can type whatever you want. Then, for every Java project needs two curvy brackets on the bottom. In the end it should look like this.

When you run it it should print out something like this:

Be careful of your use of space. Like the space bar. If you put a space then there will also be a space. It copies whatever you put in the parentheses.

Repl and It's Features

So all this time I've been yabbering about stuff. Now time to dedicate my coding to Repl! You can choose and language you want for coding besides Java. You can go to your edit profile button and you can change stuff. You can also be an explorer and test out new features and everything and I'll leave the rest for you to explore. There is a home button which is self explanatory. My repls is where you see your coding projects, Talk is where you share or comment posts. Notifications is where you get messages that someone has commented on your posts or a moderator talking to you about why they've delisted your post. Languages is where you can search up coding languages, templates is a place for templates , tutorials for tutorials. Teams is for teams. Hope you like this tutorial!

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