learn how to add sound with html

first you make a audio tag like this:
then add the src after the opening audio tag but inside the tag like this:
<audio src=></audio>
you can't just do that you have to add a link add quotes then inside of them paste the link like this:
<audio src="https://listen.hs.llnwd.net/g3/4/9/2/2/5/1427552294.mp3">
that's basically it. That was easy right? run your code if it doesn't work check your work below:
<audio src="https://listen.hs.llnwd.net/g3/4/9/2/2/5/1427552294.mp3"></audio>
thank you for reading

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Thanks for reading my earlier message and adding more to your guide, but can you provide an example please? Sometimes examples are what help the most, especially to beginners.