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Scratch Tutorial 1: Introduction to the project editor

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Scratch Tutorial 1 - Introduction to the project editor

I know that Scratch is not on, but here is a series of tutorials for how to "program" in it.

This tutorial will cover the project editor and how to use it.
Some information was retrieved from the Scratch Wiki.

Words like this will appear in the glossary at the bottom

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So let's get started!

Scratch project editor

This is the scratch project editor.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Scratch - Untitled-7

My account name is darth_vader0000 if you didn't notice. I mainly make memes and stuff. I don't do a lot of really helpful scratch projects.

OK enough boring stuff let's get to the tutorial.


So you probably have seen the blocks in Scratch. I will explain them more in later tutorials, but the important thing is that you pick a category and drag the blocks out with your mouse to "code" and make programs.

To make a comment, right click on the block you want to add a comment to and select "Add Comment".

Making a script

A script is a couple of blocks strung together.

You can make a basic script in Scratch with these blocks.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Scratch - Untitled-7(1)

Screenshot_2020-05-30 Scratch - Untitled-7

This is a basic script in Scratch.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Scratch - Untitled-7(2)

Unfortunately, when you run the project multiple times, the sprite will always be hidden if you run the project and allow the sprite to take move 1 step 10 times before the hide block is run and the sprite becomes invisible. I took the picture before I ran it :(

Some blocks are not available when editing a backdrop (explained later in tutorial)

That's enough about blocks for now. Next, I will talk about sprites and backdrops.

Sprites and Backdrops


Sprites are things that you can make move, make appear and disappear, make visible and invisible, and even change what they look like and the position in which they appear.

To add a sprite, click this button in the menu of sprites. and select an option that comes out of the button.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Scratch - Untitled-7(4)


Costumes are how you can change what sprites look like. To make a new costume, click on the costumes button next to the code and sounds button.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Scratch - Untitled-7(3)

Once you go there, click or tap (since Scratch is mobile friendly) the button with the cat with a plus (+) to the right of it's head and select an option that comes out of the button.

How to make sprites appear and disappear

You can make sprites appear and disappear by using the "hide" and "show" blocks. Or, if you want to determine whether a sprite will be visible or invisible without even having to use those blocks, you can click the buttons where one side has an eye and one side has a crossed out eye to make it visible or invisible like shown below.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Scratch - Untitled-7(5)

Voila! Your sprites are now visible and invisible depending on what you chose.

How to make your sprites move

If you want to make your sprites move, use a block in the motion category (explained in the next tutorial)


Backdrops are basically backgrounds in scratch. You select the Backdrops button to the right of the sprites menu and edit a backdrop. To add a new backdrop, you click or tap the button at the bottom at the page and select an option to add a new backdrop.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Scratch - Untitled-7(6)


Sounds make noise. To the right of the Costumes button is the sounds button. Select it and at the bottom of the sound menu is the button to add more. As usual, click or tap the button and select an option.


Extensions are how you can add more blocks. Select an extension and you can use them in your project

Some extensions require more conditions and things than others.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Scratch - Untitled-7(7)

The backpack.

And finally, there is the backpack feature. You can move scripts, sounds, and costumes between projects. Handy, huh?

To access the backpack, select the backpack button at the bottom.


There will be more tutorials in the future. Stay tuned for part 2; motion category and events category blocks


  • Block - Blocks are how you code in Scratch. Stick some together to make some code.
  • Script - Scripts are blocks stuck together to make some code.
  • Sprite - Sprites are photos that you can use blocks in order to animate and make move and rotate.
  • Backdrop - These are backgrounds in Scratch.
  • Sound - Noises you can put into your projects.
  • Extension - Extra blocks you can add to your projects that require more things and conditions than regular blocks.
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Can you please post this on Scratch(NO OFFENCE) because this website is for more professional languages like C#, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C, Java, Kotlin, Go, etc.

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Cool, but I don't get the point for this to be on, sorry :(

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I can see why you say that. I was just bored at home and wanted people to learn about scratch if they don't really use scratch.

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Scratch is good for make flowchart