How to do your bot 24/7
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From, past 7 days I have been seeing some people are searching for "how to get your discord bot 24/7" and a lot of them don't work or some of you don't understand in this tutorial I will be telling you how do we really add uptime robot to your discord bot!
first when you make your discord bot in go and make a new file and name it "server.js" and paste this code there.

const express = require('express');

const server = express();

server.all('/', (req, res)=>{
res.send('Your bot is alive!')
function keepAlive() {
server.listen(3000, ()=>{console.log("Server is ready!")});
module.exports = keepAlive;

and when finished head to index.js where you create your commands and go to the 1 line and type this "const keepAlive = require("./server.js")"
where your client.login is of that up type there this "keepAlive();"

and then go to create and account and then go and create a monitor and select HTTPS(s) and type a friendly name for your bot and then run your bot then there will be a link in the terminal and then copy that and paste it in the url box and click create monitor

That's it
Thank you
Sneaky cat

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