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How to use random Module Full Tutorial
JoelMenezes (19)

Today I will teach you How to use the random module in python

Import modules

We will need to Import Random module to do that write

It shall now be ready for use!

Now lets get Started!


random.random() generates a random number from 0.0-1.0
to do that you need to input

Generating random numbers in ranges

To generate a random number in a range Ex 1-10 will give you something like 5 to print this random number that is in range of certain numbers use random.randint() like so

EX Output

if you want it to print and want it to be divisible number we will need to use a function that uses start stop and step. Start is where the number starts at. Stop is where the number ends. Step is the amount it goes up by each time.
Start = 0
Stop = 25
Step = 5
It should look like something like this:
0 or, 5 or,10 or,15 or, 20 or, 25

To use this function we need to do random.randrange()

To generate a random float number in a certain range we need to use random.uniform()

Ex output

and last but not least we have a function that randomly generates a floating point triangular

Ex Ouput

Generating random string out of a list

First we should make a list
exlist = ["item1","item2","item3"]
to generate one random item from this list we need to use random.choice()

random.sample() lets you generate random items but you can generate a random amount

Example: we will generate 2 different numbers from exlist

EX ouput

Making shuffled lists

Shuffling a list is easy we just need to do random.shuffle() and enter the list we would like to shuffle

it should now be in a random order

Hope You Enjoyed smash the like button for more tutorials!
Look at the code if you are confused

JoelMenezes (19)

Hope You Enjoyed smash the like button for more tutorials!

Akaash07 (0)

The random.randint is not working for me. I do not know why.