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How to make tutorials on Explore (using slideshows)
doineednumbers (26)

Hello. Replit just launched the Explore beta, which will probably replace talk eventually. I'm sure some of you are wondering, "How do I keep making tutorials, there are only repls now?" Well, I have a repl that will help! Clone this repl, and add slides! It's easy to add slides. All you have to do is make a div with class="slide" and onclick="scrollForward()", and the div will become a slide. The code is very simple and customizable, and versatile. It has smooth transitions between slides, and it automatically detects what slide you're on if you scroll manually. The slide class is just for styling, so you can call scrollForward to scroll down to the next page.

RoBlockHead (520)

I like the spirit! I'll just let you know that Repl Talk isn't going away, so you can still use this tutorials board, the main thing that's changing currently is that the share board is being phased out/replaced by explore. :)

doineednumbers (26)

@RoBlockHead Oh really? Ok, then! Still a useful tool!