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How to make one of those cool timers
AadiXX (2)

Welcome to my super FUN(boring) timer python tutorial!
Now of course the first thing you have to do is import time, it is a timer

After you import time, you should make an input to find the time.

Great but import time is unused making it literally just an input for something that will never happen.So we should fix that.

Great, now we have a range, but it still is just an input because the range has nothing inside it

Yay. Now it should be done. But it isn't. Because it will go down by 1 second and then end.It should go down to zero so now one line of code should do that and now it isn't

Actually now is when we use import time.

Nice.Now we have a full working seconds timer.THanks for reading.Upvote if you want to.Bye!

MrVoo (190)

You used the wrong symbol for code blocks D: Use backticks ` instead of single quotes

MrVoo (190)

Also, the syntax highlighting code is py not python