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How to Make A Discord Bot (Rewrite - 2021) Part 1
FishballNooodle (211)

I'm pretty sure many of you GAMERS use Discord and are aware of things called 'bots'.Did you know you can just make it with python :o .Today, I will be teaching you all over How to make a Discord Bot in Python.Do note that we will be using Python 3 and also the Rewrite Branch of Discord (Not Async).
Firstly, we have to first make the bot application first. So follow these steps to start up with your first bot.

Part 1a - Setting up Bot
1. Head over to Discord Developers Portal
2. Sign In with your discord account
3. On the top right, Select "New Application"
4. Give your application a name.(Doesn't need to be the bots name)
5. On the Left-hand-side menu, go to "Bots" and Select "Build-A-Bot".
6. Create a name - This will be the name of your bot so get a unique one
7. Under the bots name, copy the token.(Don't Share this with anyone)
8. Select "OAuth2" under the left-hand-side menu
9. Under "Scopes" choose bot and under "Bot Permissions" choose Administrator
10. Copy the link generated and paste it in your browser. This is to invite the bot to your server.(You need Admin Roles to invite your bot)
11. Once you are finished, you should see your bot pop up under members of your server

And that's it for this tutorial, stay tuned for the Part 2!
If you encountered any problems along the way, feel free to voice it out in the comments section below.

FishballNooodle (211)

Part 2 is up, be sure to check it out after you finished reading this one.