How to properly answer a Repltalk question.

How to properly answer Repltalk ask questions!

We all know what ReplTalk is, and while it is mainly used for sharing repls, it is also used to ask [mainly coding] questions on the ask board! Which is a great place if you don't want to visit Stackoverflow and don't want to leave replit. But sometimes, when you receive an answer, it may be inaccurate, inexact, or they may just give you a URL to an outdated website. So here, I'm going to show you how to properly answer an ask question!

1. Don't know? Don't answer

If you're reading through that ask board looking for something to answer and see a question about something you don't know, instead of just giving the person a URL, or just commenting idk, just don't answer. This gives the person who asked the question fewer confusions, and it keeps the question clean of idk answers. Giving an answer that you don't know, or just guessing will also confuse the person more.

2. Make sure to test

If you know the answer to an ask question, or just have an idea, you should try testing it out by creating a new repl, or forking the users' project and starting there. This keeps that it didn't work comments out of the post. Once it's been tested and it works, you can tell the user what they did wrong, how you fixed it, and why it worked. If you forked their repl, please link it in the comment so the user that made the post can see an example of what to do. Another thing is that giving false info is just as bad as plagiarising. It can mislead people, which can be frustrating and make it less likely they're going to mark you as correct.

3. Keep your answer detailed

When answering a question, make sure the user the created the post knows what you're talking about, and can understand it. This makes sure that the user doesn't make the same mistake again, and if they do they can fix it themselves. Also leave them with other ways to fix it if possible, or workarounds if they can't so they don't have to ask again. This can also make it more likely for them to mark you as correct if you're just in it for the cycles.

4. Don't ask to mark answer

Just don't. It's asking for cycles(upvotes, updoots), which are just useless internet points that do nothing in the real world. And Replit. Replit Talk is meant for helping people and allowing people to see your efforts, projects, and more. It is especially not meant for cycle farming, gaining cycles and boasting* about it, etc. So when you answer a question, just wait patiently, or just forget about it.

5. Leave a repl!

It's good to leave a repl for the user to look at, whether it be a new repl from scratch, with a small example(this could be the repl you used to test), or a repl you forked from the user, so if they try to put the code in their repl and it doesn't work, they can fork you're repl and work off of that! Make sure not to delete the repl after they mark you as correct. This is because if another person comes along with the same problem long after the post has stopped being active, they can also see your repl and fix their problem too, without the repl already being deleted!


Thanks for reading this! I hope that you take some of these ideas and answer and ask post with these couple suggestions!


Made by @darkdarcool and @JBloves27

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