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Gradients in CSS
userSM (260)

HTML, CSS and JS aren't my main languages, but I'm decent in the HTML and CSS. Thus, my first web design tutorial.


To add a background gradient to a div or a body, just copy the following code: background-image:linear-gradient(direction,colour1, colour2);

Colour 1 and 2 are probably obvious as to what they are. They can be any 2 colour values (can be in normal text, hex or RGB).
The direction is optional. This can be used to determine the direction of the gradient. For example to create a yellow, black gradient going right, the following code would be written.

background-image: linear-gradient (to right, yellow, black);

To see an actual example of this, you can click here to see a repl by me that uses gradients.

PS- Gradients go down by default.

Comments, upvotes and feedback are appreciated.
Hope this helps :)

CodingCactus (4337)

very short, maybe add some examples and more 'background-image' things

userSM (260)

@CodingCactus I added an example, and a link to a repl with more examples

CodeLongAndPros (1633)

This would be better as part of a larger tutorial.