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Emmet In Replit
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This is specially for people new to the platform

So if you don't know What Emmet is soo:

Emmet is a free add-on for your text editor that allows you to type shortcuts that are then expanded into full pieces of code. By using Emmet, email designers type less, saving both keystrokes and time when building a campaign.
website: Emmet

Back to the Tutorial,

While Replit has Emmet Integrated into it Some People Don't Know how how to Use this Very Powerful tool
sadly this doesn't work on mobile devices so they Can use Treb Edit instead. Emmet reduces the amount of work you need to do to write.For simplicity people who don't understand this can watch this video

For example you have to make a UL list with 5 li and dummy text.Normally this is a VERY long process but with emmet it is as simple as typing


and when the when your done typing press tab(keyboard key!) with no space between the last letter & the cursor

Emmet has way more uses than this but i Don't have that much time to write more =( and the repl attached is well EMPTY

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While Replit includes Emmet, some people are unfamiliar with how to use this really powerful tool; unfortunately, this does not operate on mobile devices, so they may utilize Treb Edit instead. Emmet cuts down on the amount of time it takes to write. People who don't comprehend this may just watch. kogama squid