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I recently found a Chrome extension called Amino, and it is a CSS injector. You can type CSS code, e.g.

span.mtk1{ color: #7700ff !important; }

for all text to be a purplish color. You can do much more, just use your CSS knowledge to make your own! Download the extension here. I will in a code brick send what I made - here you go!

span.mtk1.string{ color: #BAFFBD !important; font-style: italic !important; } span.mtk1.keyword{ color: #FF9AF2 !important; } span.mtk1.constant.numeric{ color: #CCA9FF !important; }{ color: #FBFFCB !important; } span.mtk1.lparen.paren{ color: #FFA5A5 !important; } span.mtk1.paren.rparen{ color: #FFA5A5 !important; } span.mtk1.punctuation{ color: #FFCC99 !important; } div.view-lines{ color: #443366 !important; } span.mtk1.constant.escape.language{ color: #FF9AF2 !important; } span.mtk1{ color: #CBFFFF !important; }

After every tag, make sure to have !important, or else it won't show on After downloading the extension, click on it at the top and then click domain, so every page on replit is changed for you. Hope you enjoy,
- PandaTheBear

P.S. I will respond to some comments that needed help :D wow great grammar
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@DynamicSquid by injecting CSS lol jk