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DefLang wiki.
(sorry i am japanese,this wiki is using not good english...)

DefLang(DEFL) Wiki

This is DEFL Wiki.

Wiki commands list

  1. How to run file
  2. Commands
  3. Basic
  4. echo
  5. def
  6. vew(Deleted.)
  7. Variable
  8. calc
  9. rettofir
  10. out
  11. geturl
  12. preload
  13. sleep
  14. functions
  15. for loop
  16. drawline
  17. fillrect
  18. fillarc
  19. genimg
  20. if
  21. goto
  22. Define function

How to Run File

First,Write This in NodeJS.

var defl=require('deflang') var res=defl(`program main; echo:program test!; end program`) console.log(res) //Display : program test!

If you want use it in Vanilla JS then load vanilla/index.js.

<script> rundefl(`program main;\n echo:test;\n end program`,callback=>{ console.log(callback) }) </script> <script src='vanilla/index.js'></script> <!-- or <script src='https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/vanilla/index.js'></script> -->


0. Basic

DefLang have a rule.

Rules 1.Write Semicolon(;) on all commands final. 2.Split string is colon(:) 3.Its have a three can escape string. 1.AND(&&) 2.Semicolon(&;) 3.Colon(&:) 4.Dont use й and ⍝ and ы.Them are Control String. 5.Write program in program main; ~ end program

1. echo


Run this script to display [message].

2. def

def:[variable name]:[content]:[mode];

Run this to define [variable name] and set content to [content]

If [mode] == file then,define [variable name] and set file content to [content].

If [mode] == calc then,define [variable name] and set calculated answer to [content].

If [mode] == array then,define [variable name] and set array.format is down :

first value,second value,third value,11,22,10

If [mode] == object then,define [variable name] and set object.format is down :


Array can access by {[array name].[number]}

3. vew(Deleted.If you want use vew,install 1.2.0 from website.)

vew:[variable name];

Run this script to display [variable name] content.
If undefined variable,Its return UNDEFINED ERROR and stop script.

4. Variable

%[variable name]%

Run this script to Access to [variable name].

5. calc


Run this script to Display to Calculated [formula].

6. rettofir


Run this script to Loop script.

7. out


Write [content] to [filename]

8. geturl


get content from [url] and write content to [filename].

9. preload


load content from [filename] and define variables.

format is key:value;
preload file example :


10. sleep

Note,sleep command use CPU,dont use long time


sleep [seconds].

11. functions

echo:sin(123); echo:cos(123): echo:tan(123); echo:deg2rad(360); echo:rad2deg(6.28);

DefLang have five math functions.

12. for loop

for:[variable name]:[start value]:[end value]; {commands} next;

for command loop not forever.

for command can select loop number.

13. drawline


draw line.

14. fillrect


draw filled rect.

15. fillarc

fillarc:[x]:[y]:[radius]:[color]:[start angle]:[end angle];

draw filled circle.

16. genimg


Generate PNG File [filename].

([filename] is without .png)

17. if


Mode can select ==,!=,>=,<=,>,<.

line count from first command.

18. goto

goto:[line number];

Go to [line number].
line count from first command.

19. Define function

#function begin{ [DefLang program] }end name:arg1:arg2...;

Define function.
You can get arguments from variable “argv”.

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