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Computer Rankings :)

Update: how did this get into tutorials o_O

Welcome to computer ranks

Ranked Coding Things Need to knows


  • Loops! For most languages, for loops are just glorified while loops, so they get one slot
  • Variables, one of the backbones of languages, or else we would never be able to store anything, like this list!
  • Conditionals! You need these or else you really have no logic in your code xD (kinda like me when I think sometimes)


  • DP -- fast.
  • Recusion -- important for DP.
  • to note, yes I did put recursion above functions...


  • functions -- for recursion :)
  • class -- good for making export packages
  • nodes -- good for machine learning AI
  • Machine learning and AI :D :D -- pretty self explanitory because it powers our world.

That's basically it for language knowledge needs.

After those, it's mostly obscure built ins, etc.

Ranked Langs!

While most say that there is not best language (I agree), I still think there are BAD languages and GOOD languages

note that some of the languages have some notes most don't effect score, but some do.

good languages:

python! 5/10

  • readbility 10/10
  • built ins 10/10
  • Practical applications 10/10
  • speed -1/10
  • animation-ary uses 5/10
  • competitive uses 1/10
  • simple so it's hard to learn other languages 5/10
  • runtime errors :'( 2/10
  • memory consumption 1/10
  • database access breaches 1/10
  • no compiling
  • garbage collection

CPP! 8/10

  • practical uses 8/10
  • speed 11/10
  • readability 5/10
  • built ins (vs C) 9/10
  • competitive uses 10/10
  • animation - ary uses 5/10
  • compiling...
  • vunerable to memory leaks

HTML, CSS, JS! (yes I put them into 1 language)! 8/10

Update: HTML isn't a language and while JS is, it is only used with HTML and CSS for web development.

  • practical uses 11/10
  • speed 7/10
  • animation - ary uses 11/10
  • built ins 10/10
  • readbility (as a whole) 8/10
  • competitive uses 0/10
  • no compling

Java! 5/10 -- basically bad CPP (plz don't hate for this)

  • practical uses 5/10
  • speed 2/10
  • readability 5/10
  • built ins 8/10
  • competitive uses 5/10
  • animation - ary uses 5/10
  • compiling...

BAD languages

SCRATCH -300000/10

  • makes you worse at programming 200000/10
  • limitations 100000/10

this language is just. So. Bad. It can be taught by a book and makes you worse at programming because it teachs you no problem solving and makes you too dependent on certain built ins while not even having recursion.

Coffe Script -20/10

  • waning popularity due to the fact that it has functions from java that java put in 8 years before its release! 20/10
  • old from ES6 release 20/10

Bye, that's it for today xD. Plz comment if you liked it. Plz upddooooot if u like it. :)


Erm, Python does compile a bit into bytecode first. If you've ever ran into a .pyc file, that's what that is.


@SixBeeps Ok! but, it's still quite slow and does not make an executable file on your computer (or on replit xD), but instead reads the file, makes the bytecode, then reads that :).


@bigminiboss If you want to talk about building, that's something I've always been surprised Python doesn't have built-in. Though, the thing you said about executables also applies to Java, JS, etc.


@SixBeeps Ok! (I'm trying to be neutral since I mainly code in python and am trying not to be too biased xD).


@bigminiboss Yeah I'm trying my hardest to find good things to say about Python. Truth be told, Python isn't the best language, but not for the reasons you gave.


@SixBeeps Sorry, lol


@SixBeeps Well, I think I at least got the speed aspect right XD


@SixBeeps Post updated BTW


This is not true. How is Python's speed 5/10? Its pretty fast, I have to say. And HTML/CSS/JS's competitive uses? Super good, change this thing or delete it.


HTML isn't a language and while CSS and JS are, they are only used with HTML.

i'm pretty sure css isn't a real programming language


@ruiwenge2 updated :)


Your scratch ranking is way off, you forgot a few zeros :3


@MrVoo lol


No C?? C is by far the best language and isn’t filled with stuff like garbage collection and a load of built-ins. C also maximizes speed making it the perfect language to write compilers.


@IMayBeMe Sorry, I have never coded in C, you can add it if you want.


HTML, CSS, JS! (yes I put them into 1 language)



@FloCal35 I put that because HTML is not a language according to google software engineer. The reason I put CSS and JS into one is because they are better used together than apart :D


@bigminiboss what about js, it is a language itself and doesn't need HTML or css


@ch1ck3n truth


@ch1ck3n Again, if you want you can add it :)


I don't necessarily agree with all of your rankings, but I did find this an interesting read. Nice work man.