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CSS tips

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CSS tip 1

Use Google Fonts

Google Fonts is amazing for CSS. It has many tools and sample code for the fonts you have selected.
It Can Be Found Here:
Google Fonts

CSS tip 2

Learn CSS/HTML/JS On Khan Academy

This is how I learned. Khan Academy is amazing, I learned basic CSS in a week.
Khan Academy

CSS tip 3

Group your Classes and Ids

This one has been a lifesaver. It makes it easier to read and cuts down on lines

CSS Tip #4

Save the Font file to the Replit Project

This just ensures the font will show up on your webpage.

Welp that's all if any of yall have tips just send it in the comments.
Well, I plan to make more tutorials later about this topic and others so hopefully, I get around to it.

thank you and goodbye

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you've helped me a lot ty very much.