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How to change font and background color for C++


in this post i will show you how to change the font or background color in c++, there is a lot of questions around the internet asking how to change it, and I have a solution. This is a very simple solution and you can pick how to change it however you want, but the colors are limited

2 years ago
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would you happen to kbow why -1 to leave on one of my games i made wont work? I have it set if(color= -1)
Goto play;
So this is for the shop... i made a shop to buy things but i have it set for 7 to leve bc there is 6 things currently you can buy... 1-6 so i just made 7 leave... but when i tried switching it to -1 to leave it says not enough coins try again... but i have no idea why its saying that... i already made a post about it but no one answered

2 years ago