How do I define something in HTML?

Hello All, Keep in mind this is not my code, just a code example I was able to find on google to study from it and learn how to use it,

When I run the code it prompts this
"ReferenceError: cookieclick is not defined
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (/:8:36)"
I've tried to define "cookieclick" but I don't know code all that well, I've looked it up and tried but with no success, here's the code below.

var cookies = 0;
var cursors = 0;
var buyCursor = 1;
var cookieclick = 1;


function cookieclick(number){
cookies = cookies + number;

document.getElementById("cookies").innerHTML = cookies;


Cursors: <span id="cursors">0</span><br />
Cost: <span id="cursorCost">10</span>

function buyCursor(){
var cursorCost = Math.floor(10 * Math.pow(1.1,cursors));
if(cookies >= cursorCost){
cursors = cursors + 1;



}, 1000);


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yo wassup go to script.js, go the the bottom at line 153 and delete that line