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why this didn't work?
AMREL1 (0)

why this didn't work
why this didn't work?
why this didn't work?

AMREL1 (0)

age = int(input("enter your age : "))
can_learn_programing = age > 0 and age > 50

print (f "you can learn programing:{can_learn_programing}")

Coder100 (18902)

no spaces. You cannot add spaces in the prefix, it must be like this:

my_number = 5
user_number = int(input("Enter your number: "))

matches = my_number == user_number

print (f"You Got it;{matches}.")

For a program like this, you should use python instead not python turtle!

Vandesm14 (2752)

I moved your post to the Ask board which is for asking questions