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why is my account an education account
TheGameCreator (14)

I wanted to publish one of my programs to the "apps" place, but then all of a sudden, a message near the publish button popped up. Most of the message was off-screen, so I used inspect element to see what was there, and it said something like, "This is an education account, education accounts can only view repls." How could my normal account suddenly be turned into a education account? This account is not related to education! The only suspicion I have is when I accidentally joined a public, anyone-can-join repl team that they had so people could learn python (the team is not related to a school or anything). Did that affect it?

Coder100 (18109)

yeah, that's been happening to a lot of people, you could make an alternate account, or click the get help

FloCal35 (669)

Was the account set up by a school or with a school account

RoBlockHead (520)

For that issue, I’d suggest emailing [email protected], as they can change your account :)

RoBlockHead (520)

also I think it’s because of your student role that you likely got when you were signing up