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what the heck happened with python

please help, it wont work ive tried every indent level

Answered by Bookie0 (6182) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (6182)


not sure, but maybe line 58 except IndexError: should be at the same indentation level as line 55 try:, because dont try and except go together in a way? so just select lines 58 to 60 (inclusive), and pres shift-tab two times (except should be at the same line as try); maybe that could solve it...?

Coder100 (17614)

Hi! Try except errors have to be on the same indentation sequence.


also line 60 is unreachable btw because line 59


@Coder100 i was going to checkmark your answer but it didnt work because i already selected Bookie0's answer. Sorry.



you can't select two answers as right (don't ask how i found this)