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what coding language is the easiest to learn?

i'll go with python. thank you all for the advice

which of these are the easiest to learn?

i'm new and inexperienced


it depends what you want to make. For example, if you wanted to make a website, HTML is very easy to get started with. If you wanted something that could be run anywhere you can use Java. If you want something that's easy to code in use python.


Python is easy but not good for beginners. Most people starting out want to learn the easiest language but contrary to popular belief that tends to build bad habits and practices. Rather you should learn a language like C for a solid understanding of the basics and than move onto other ones


I respectfully disagree with this. I've seen too many students try to learn a language like C or Java and give up half way through because of how 'hard' it is. Python and JavaScript are great for beginners because they build a solid understand of fundamentals such as variables and logic while maintaining a lower level of entry.

It's not that C and/or similar languages are bad to start off with, it's that such languages forces you to learn unnecessary topics that you normally wouldn't need to know as a absolute beginner.

Python remains to be my go-to pick for a first language, JavaScript shortly following. Only go with C, C++ or Java if you're willing to put in the extra time investment needed.


@lynnlo you make a great point when it comes to the classroom as through instructed teaching, languages like python are actually very good for the basics. But when it comes to self learning, many people tend to learn syntax without logic, hence why languages such as C are important to teach to the logic behind everything.


Ruby is an amazing language for anyone


do HTML/CSS/JS because it's easy and looks the coolest when you get good, and its also just really cool


@DonaldWise Out of the languages that you listed I would recommend Python.

Python is super easy to learn, very readable, and has lots of frameworks made for it (such as Django, which allows you to make web apps).

HTML is really easy to learn, but it isn't really a programming language in the same way as Java and Python. It stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is great for formatting websites and documents.

Java can be confusing but is also a great language to learn.

In conclusion, the choice is up to you, but I would recommend Python.