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wait is the jam section in the talk for hosting jams
nahu (27)

idk what.......................qDSWQ
help me plz help help

Answered by VulcanWM (2758) [earned 5 cycles]
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nahu (27)
VulcanWM (2758)

When jams happen the jam section gets unlocked so people can submit their jam repls
jams are basically Replit coding competitions
please dont spam in the description

nahu (27)

thx but the disc i did not have anithing to say @VulcanWM

VulcanWM (2758)

then dont write anything then in the disc? or you can just repeat the question like i do @nahu

nahu (27)

kk thats for next time @VulcanWM

OldWizard209 (1528)

Jam is like a competition in which people can participate and have to build a project based on a prompt and you can submit your project in the jam section.