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How to add C++ header files.
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Hi, I'm an indie game dev, web dev and app dev, for a few days I've been checking out some cool C++ header files but I can't add them on my repls, I know I can use my own custom header files, but how do I add others like graphics.h or vector.h please help

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vector.h as in std::vector? If so just type #include <vector> at the beginning of the file your want to include it in. graphic.h doesn't work on replit for some reason I don't remember. At the moment, C++ on replit doesn't have too many good options for GUI. SFML is currently segfaulting, but It should be fixed soon. Your best option is to probably wait for an SFML fix from the awesome devs at replit. If you want to start writing a GUI application now, you can use Xlib (I don't recommend that though, as it is pretty overcomplicated). I don't know of any other GUI's that work with replit C++.