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unable to install sqlite in php
SubinBabu (0)

Hi I am trying php with SQlite db.But not able to connect.It says unable to find the sqlite class..Can you please help..

<?php $db = new SQLite3('test.db'); $version = $db->querySingle('SELECT SQLITE_VERSION()'); echo $version . "\n";
SubinBabu (0)

@botApi Hi Thank you.But it got to be simpler like adding the package right??i tried install-pkg but coming with errors..

InvisibleOne (3224)

try adding it with the package manager in the replit editor.

SubinBabu (0)

@InvisibleOne Hi Thank you for your response.But no icon availabe for phpserver editor..

SubinBabu (0)

/back_end.php - Uncaught Error: Class 'SQLite3' not found in /home/runner/enjoypoem/back_end.php:3
Stack trace: