Can someone hack EekChat (again)?
tussiez (1675)

I finally got EekChat working again, and I added a few (hopefully) working anti-hack changes.
Could someone try to hack EekChat again? If my edits work, it should be impossible to change the name of the user on the client-side, as this gets overwritten by the Repl Auth.

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Baconman321 (1103)

@tussiez I can help you @11-12 CST.
I edited my comment before so you might want to check that out. What would be cool is you had the ability to make bots and all (of course, this would be more worth it if you made the ability to set up private and public chat rooms which would take up a lot of data). Also, the profile pictures of the user isn't really working (it tries to access /undefined, which means that you probably didn't get the URL of the profile icon correctly.