Can I use C# Packages (Nuget via .csproj, or dotnet restore)?

I'm using C# successfully in but since I can't seem to get packages working (i.e. Nuget) I'm a bit limited. For example, see:

I'd like to use Json.Net (a nuget package) for serializing JSON but can't seem to make it work through guesswork. I've added a .csproj file with the reference, but I don't think it's used (despite package managers being supported for other languages). Am I looking for something that simply isn't there?

It seems like .Net Core would be great on this platform, with it's streamlined build tools and cross-platform support.

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there are some tricks to getting dotnet working in a repl by basically downloading/installing the .net 5 sdk inside the repl
or compiling the sdk by source in the repl

still pretty hacky (and slow) but it works