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Recommended Games

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I know this is off-topic from coding, but I need some recommended games to play since I'm getting bored with the ones I currently play.

Here's a few I play or once played:
Fortnite(currently playing)
Minecraft(No longer playing)
Roblox(Stopped playing years ago)
2048(occasionally plays)
Tetris(still plays) rarely)

I also have a Wii, so any of those games is great too.
Wii games I have:
Deal or no Deal(I think that's the name)
Zack and Wiki
Sega Bass Fishing
Harry Potter Lego Game Years 5-7
Lord of Rings Lego Game
Cooking Mama(Also don't know why I have this)
Call of Duty World at War
MarioKart Wii
A whole bunch of Just Dance Games for my mom lol

Those are the games I mainly play/used to play that I can think of.

Best answer gets 5 cycles :)
(I may change who gets five cycles as time goes on)

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Answered by Bookie0 [earned 5 cycles]
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the fact yall had a full convo without me noticing lmao