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KrishanuDhar (2)


I am new to replit and was looking at creating a small team of fellow developers. I looked around, but did not find answers to few questions. I was wondering if the community can assist.

  1. What does public repl mean, is it that the repl can be seen by the rest, but cannot be edited?
  2. I am guessing all repl in the free/basic team plan is public. Do the people in the team need special permissions to create, edit code? Can an outsider also contribute?
  3. What are the resource restrictions for a team? Are the resources repl specific?

I'd appreciate if the community can assist in answering these questions.

Thank you!

Answered by DavidSafro (19) [earned 5 cycles]
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DavidSafro (19)

1. yes a public repl is exactly what you described but outsiders can edit if they have an invite link
2. if you want other people to edit your repls you have to share the invite link with them which can be found if you click the share button at the top right.
3. there is a limitation on storage and up to ten people are allowed in a team if you have the free version. If you have a professional dev group I highly recommend the hacker plan and teams for business(coming soon). And yeah, for what its worth, from the community of replit: welcome.

KrishanuDhar (2)

Thank you for the warm welcome and answering my questions. Cheers!

KrishanuDhar (2)

Hey there, a follow on question. How is the basic team of any help? Let's say I create a team of few members and start building/coding stuff, would the team members by virtue of being in my team have access to edit/update my content?

robowolf (434)

@KrishanuDhar It depends what permissions they have, but yes they should be able to edit content that is owned by the team.

KrishanuDhar (2)

Appreciate the response. Thank you.