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cmarts (83)

How do we share the link of our code with someone?

shifin (11)

I can’t find the “Share” button in the mobile web version of Then, how can I share my repl? Please help. Thank you

SofieMLPA (15)

How do we share our codes with others outside of repl?

KirsteenNakau (4)

But if using teams how do you then add the projects to a new team

timmy_i_chen (1188)

Just copy and paste the repl link to share! It should look something like this:

cmarts (83)


thank you so much for your reply.

AlexJuvion (1)

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LalithSasubilli (1)

Can you add PayPal Link to HTML webpage in Replit?

Vyapakbansal (0)

yes please if anyone gets to now pls reply

olaiyams (0)

i cant find save button