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set breakpoint pyton 3.6
r1200gs (7)

How do i set a breakpoint in the debugger? (Python 3.6)

heyitsmarcus (350)

Hey @r1200gs,

You can easily do that with the pdb package. Just use import pdb at the start of the script, and then run pdb.set_trace() wherever you'd like a breakpoint to be set. What will happen is that when you run the code, all of it will execute up until the breakpoint and then an interactive shell will appear where you can do more Python coding to see what will appear!

I made a simple repl for you to show off setting a breakpoint:

I hope this helps!

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heyitsmarcus (350)

@heyitsmarcus Oh and here are a few commands you can use with pdb:

  • c continue execution
  • n step to the next line within the same function
  • s step to the next line in this function or a called function
  • q quit the debugger/execution