How to configure run button for C++ repository

Hi there. I'm new to Repl, and I have been trying to run some C++ files from my repository but unfortunately, I don't know what to put for "Configure run button". How can I run any C++ file from my repo that I am looking at. I have many of them in my repo, so do I have to configure it every time? Thank you.

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Answered by DynamicSquid [earned 5 cycles]
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repositories don't run programs...

do you mean repl?
Next time just commit the .replit file:

Where <file> is the cpp file.

Does that help?

EDIT: I read your question wrong

Here is the run command:

Now, I am assuming you are trying to run the main.cpp file, but if you want to configure what gets run each time:


@Coder100 Sorry, that's what I meant. Yes, thanks a lot for your help :)


np :D did it work? @Glare


@Coder100 Is working, thanks!