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replit import clear
RubiksCubeworld (1)

Back then, from replit import clear worked. Now it doesn't. What happened?

ash15khng (721)

For some reason the replit module isn't preinstalled anymore, so you have to add the replit module using the package section at the sidebar before importing.

malvoliothegood (871)

1) Add the replit package
2) import clear function from replit module
3) Use it!

An example:

from replit import clear

for _ in range(100):
  print("x" * 20)

_clear = input("Clear terminal? Y or N: ")
if _clear in ["y", "Y"]:
ArjunSS1 (118)

@malvoliothegood that is good code but you can just do clear.lower() == 'y':