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Vishnudas_S (19) keeps on failing while trying to test any Python 3 code. It throws "Failed to connect. Reconnecting." error message alyways.

chromalol (0)

mines like that right now, idk how to fix it

abdullahaq (0)

replit is refusing to open youtube when i upload a video onto my html repl

AndrewWingfield (2)

For me it just randomly (while i'm working on something) says the 'failed to connect, retrying...' or something like that for a couple minutes. After that it just works fine, until it happens again.

diamondkorben (2)

im now having this error :/

JeffJones1 (4)

i have the same issue. i can create a new replit
just cant open the ones i have

Treadstone (2)

I try many browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave. They shown the same error message. but I found that Chromium browser. It is working. Please try.

katyadee (1302)

Hey there! I just tested it and am not getting this issue - any other details?

Pythonier (316)

Keep trying, maybe your Wifi went down. Or try opening a new Python 3 replit. Tell me if it works.

StringentDev (234)

nope me too (164gb connection) @Pythonier