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I recently started to study several languages ​​in programming at once, but I don't have enough strength for everything at once, what advice can you give?


Don't study many at once... Just pick the one you like the most, and learn that one. I personally started learning HTML, CSS, and JS, due to the fact that you could see your results on a webpage :D...

I mean it's really cool when you can see the results of your project, and someone else can see it too :D.

Pick the one you have the most fun with, and work on that one. I tried to learn SQL, Javascript and C# all at once one time. But eventually, I just worked on them one at a time and did SQL and Javascript. I still haven't really learned enough C# to know what I'm doing


Learn one at a time. Pick a language and immerse yourself in it almost as though your learning a real language. Here is a tutorial for further reference.