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one of the packages im using has been deleted from the website and now my code doesnt work.
AidanSchultz (1)

to clarify my code does not require this package. i was going to implement it but then it was deleted. the issue is now every time i try to start my code it tries to get that package and then shuts off. does anyone know how to fix this?

Answered by JBloves27 (1890) [earned 5 cycles]
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JBloves27 (1890)

If the package itself has been fully deleted, you may want to copy and paste all the code into a different repl or fork this repl and delete the package.lock, etc. And try deleting the import package-name.

Hope this helps!

AidanSchultz (1)

@JBloves27 thanks! I'm going to move the code over to a new repl.

candies (432)

Use pip install package-name then import the module.

AidanSchultz (1)

also ignore all the weird crap in the code. this is for a discord bot that me and my friends use