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my schooled blocked sites and my chromebook is managed plz help

I have been tryingtoplay but it is blocked on my school chromebook.I tryed using Repl to unblock it but i cant play the game.Do you guys have any other way for me to play and to unblock games on my school chromebook



how can i unblock instagram on a school chromebook if its blocked by umbrella


There are very laggy and buggy solutions available, however, these are not recommended. Just probably don't unblock anything.

Small tip: Depending on the extensions installed on your Chromebook, your data will be tracked on ANYTHING you do. Relay and Bark are two very popular ways to do this. Just know that your school is probably able to see what you're doing on Also, managed Chromebooks have a LOT of disabled settings, my school even disabled chrome://dino...
now that I think about it, we only get about... what, Chrome, Settings, and Files...


you might not want to unblock or anything.


There are ways... I made a browser emulator in bash, but it doesn't give sound and is oftentimes very slow and buggy.

My school has it even harder on me, they block everything that contains the phrase ".io" (not just the domain, googling ".io" is blocked, too). Personally, I would say your school is probably blocking it for a good reason. Games should be played in your free time and not in school. School is for you to learn, not to waste your time playing games that are oftentimes useless.

A very simple hack that is 100% easy and works 99.9% of the time is to play it on your own computer!

Anyways, just know that you have it easier than me, even useful resources for programming is blocked for me :/