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how to erase only one line


hi guys. im creating the next installment of the humble story of a teapot.
i want to know if its possible to erase only certain lines like:
support = 1
[1]make some potcrafts
[2]use the power of 0/0 and cause multiversal instability
[3]summon the genie using the lamp-shaped teapot
user picks 3
support = 1
[3]summon the genie using the lamp-shaped teapot
you used the lamp-shaped teapot
genie: ....

and also, if anyone know how to create a backspace effect, help me too
if you can teach me how, ill add you to the game and upvote all the comments you put here.
the repl is a preview of the minigames
thanks to

for your help!(although i havent really found a satifactory ans yet).

2 years ago
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