I can't make my bean move in any direction , please help!

I'm really new to coding, but since the Kajam is coming up I wanted to try figure out how to start using kaboom, as it seemed the easiest. I'm making the dino game tutorial right now, but I wanted to modify it a touch, so that as well as jumping, the bean could also move left and right if you pressed the arrow keys (I might also try make a thing where you can press the arrow key to duck, but i need to do this first). my code right now for jumping and moving left is:

keyPress("space", () => {
if (bean.grounded()) {

keyPress("left", () => {
bean.move(LEFT, 240)

However when i click run, all that shows up is a white screen with an error! I'd really appreciate help with this, thanks in advance.

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Answered by MrVoo [earned 5 cycles]
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makes sense @EliseGuillot-Ry