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sciencescience (3)

why is my input not working


On line 3 you must write:

print("hello "+name+" you live in "+age_)

stoporinjail (131)

The + does not create a space. Try doing:

print("Nice to meet you " + name)


print("nice to meet you",name)

the comma auto creates a space so you don't need to worry. Thanks :)

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DynamicSquid (4914)

Line 3 is supposed to be like this:

print("hello" + name_ + "you live in" + age_)
Coder100 (18143)

variables cannot have spaces, try using snake case instead.

name = input("what is your name")
place_to_live = input("where do you live")
print("hello" + name + "you live in" + place_to_live)