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jupyter notebook
steves (11)

Is it possible to save and run a jupyter notebook?

ilyagr (3)

I think I got it to work more easily. Try forking this:

hanklu2020 (3)

1. create a new github repository ex. jupyter_notebook
2. create a empty python file ex.
3. clone the github repository to ("import repo")
4. @.replit file, replace ' run = "" ' with ' run = "jupyter notebook --ip= --port=3000" '
5. type these in terminal(in order):
a. pip install --upgrade pip
b. pip install notebook
c. (jupyter --version ← if you want to check)
d. jupyter notebook --generate-config
e. jupyter notebook password
6. Enter and confirm the password
7. click the "Run" button and here you go
Ps. if you want to save them back to github:
1. git init
2. git add .
3. git status
4. git commit -m "<anything>"
5. git push -u origin master

vincentxavier (0)

@hanklu2020 I've tried it. Just have to put the full path : /home/runner/.local/bin/jupyter instead of jupyter in the toml file.

kangwonlee (0)

@hanklu2020 Thanks. It worked for me.

At first, I skipped setting the password but I had to.
Also, I had to open on a new browser tab.
The address was

Good day

fernandob (4)

I tried today, couldn't get it to work if someone managed to figure it out, please lmk

amasad (3449)

I'm not sure. I haven't tried, did you try running it?