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installing pip
JackFrostYT (0)

everyday I have to install PyNaCl library is there a way to auto install PyNaCl library or just have a file that stays in replit so I don't need to install it?

Answered by LukeWright (114) [earned 5 cycles]
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LukeWright (114)

you could put in your code

import os
os.system("pip install PyNaCl")

(make sure to put it at the very top so that there is no problems)

LukeWright (114)

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JackFrostYT (0)

yes it did work thank you @LukeWright

JackFrostYT (0)

I thought it fixed my problem but it didn't sadly @LukeWright

LukeWright (114)

Try this:
step 1:

click on the cube in the left menu

Step 2:

search for PyNaCl

step 3:

click on PyNaCl and then click the (+) icon.

step 4:

You should be able to now just write

Import PyNaCl

and use it normally


JackFrostYT (0)

it still dose not work i need to install python3 -m pip install -U[voice] @LukeWright

LukeWright (114)

wdym you need to install python 3? @JackFrostYT

JackFrostYT (0)

i just paste all of that in the terminal to make it work

JackFrostYT (0)

and then i Import PyNaCl it says PyNaCl is not defined and i did go to packages and add it @LukeWright

LukeWright (114)

Don't just paste it into the console.


After you do this, it should output: