Give me your problems!
Dart (1200)

Hey guys! I want you to give me your stupid problems something like “I can’t open my bag of chips” or whatever so I can make a video about trying to solve these problems with code! I’ll pick the most cycled problem to make a video on, please go easy on me (thanks you guys for 500 cycles btw I love you all \(^w^)/)

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Answered by Zavexeon (1167) [earned 5 cycles]
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theangryepicbanana (1699)

ik how to open a .txt file but idk how to open a code file pls help


here's how
1. Press the On Button
2. Open your browser
3. Type and press Enter
4. Move mouse to project
5. Left-click
6. Move your mouse left (<-) and click the TXT icon looking thing
7. Click the one with the name of your project
8. Type your code
9. You did it.