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(idk what to put as title, i just need help)

( im talking about /dev (on website) )

(explanation of purpose)

this is to make it easier for me to add lyrics to the music I put, and it is also supposed to demo the lyrics playing.

(explanation of code, reply and ask. idk how to make dropdowns in talk.)

(what i need it to do that is missing)
in the demo'r mode, it is supposed to show the lyrics at the right time on #sl, but i also need it to adjust when i change the value of #tj. how can i do this?

im not saying i know, but to make it just a bit easier, i added the "times" variables to hold an array of the timestamps that lyrics have been added to, but they are in order.

(((((GO STRAIGHT TO /static/dev/index.html)))))